Making Montréal the metropolis of the green and social economy

7 April 2017 Events

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On Monday, April 24, 2017 at 12:15 pm, the Maison du développement durable, in collaboration with COPTICOM, is organizing the Elections 2017 panel: what commitments to make Montréal the green and social economy metropolis? ”

With a view to the upcoming elections, experts from the green and social economy are invited to come forward with ideas and plans to make our cities and communities even more inclusive, prosperous and green. Issues of inclusion and reduction of inequalities have become an important part of our public debates. Significant transformations have emerged in the labor market, as well as innovative and different business models and financing.

Key questions will be:

The invited experts, Christian Yaccarini, President and CEO of the SDA, Corinne Gendron, professor, department of strategy, social and environmental responsibility, School of Management Sciences, UQAM and holder of the Chair of Social Responsibility and Development Sustainable Development, Christian Savard, Managing Director, Vivre en Ville and Jean-Martin Aussant, Managing Director of Chantier de l’Économie Sociale, will take part in a panel discussion hosted by Coralie Deny, Executive Director of the Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal.

They will be asked to come up with ideas and projects that candidates from all political parties can take back — or not — in the form of electoral commitments for discussion.

Since 1995, Christian Yaccarini, founder of the SDA and a forerunner behind the Technopôle Angus project, has been active in the social economy by carrying out real estate projects promoting urban regeneration based on the principles of sustainable development and generating significant repercussions for the local community.

To participate in the event, visit the MDD website: lamdd​.org/RSVP

The live webcast will also be available on the Facebook page of the Sustainable Development House.és-viables-1

24 May 2017 Events

Rendez-vous Collectivités viables

Plusieurs partenaires, dont le GIEC, la Commission mondiale sur l'économie et le climat, le C40 se sont joint à Vivre en Ville dans le but d'appeler les villes en première ligne dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques. Cette année, les…