17 November 2014 Buildings and architecture

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Société de développement Angus (SDA) President and CEO Christian Yaccarini chose the I see mtl” event to articulate SDA’s vision for Technopôle Angus: a mixed neighborhood driving employment and a leading global model of sustainable urban renewal.

The aim is to make Technopôle Angus one of the world’s top ten sustainable innovation developments by 2020. To get there, SDA has developed clear, measurable objectives that will enable it to monitor project progress:

Create 500 new jobs at Technopôle Angus by 2017.

Build 150 units of affordable family housing by 2017.

Substantially reduce the Technopôle’s environmental footprint by recovering energy and transferring it between buildings, and by converting a portion of waste generated onsite into energy.

Obtain LEED-ND Gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development) for the entire site.

A one-of-a-kind development

Technopôle Angus is already a success story, after transforming a 2 million square foot industrial ruin in the heart of Montreal (where Rosemont meets the Plateau) into a thriving community of businesses and non-profits where 2,300 employees work for 55 different organizations in 13 buildings.

Today, with 50% of the Technopôle still undeveloped – some 1 million square feet – the site is ready for this new round of development. The plan will create a neighborhood like no other in the world, where business, residential, and public space achieve a balance and sustainability reaches never-before-seen levels.

We have yet to see a green neighborhood where employment and business constitute a significant portion of the space. Fully integrating these mixed uses will pave the way for a range of sustainable innovations, such as an infrastructure to produce, recover, and exchange the energy released by various buildings, which normally goes to waste. Energy recovery will be supplemented with the recycling of solid and liquid waste, onsite snow removal and management, and more. All these initiatives share a common aim: when development is complete, the energy footprint of Technopôle Angus will make a positive contribution to the environment.

With state-of-the-art urban planning, quality facilities, and social and environmental innovation, Technopôle Angus will stand as a model of urban renewal for cities around the world.

Comprehensive project details to come.

The full development plan and preliminary drawings will be made public by winter 2015.

7 May 2015 Community

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