20 May 2016 Community

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Since 1998 SDA (Société de développement Angus, a non-profit organization) has planned and developed an outstanding one-of-a-kind urban renewal object, Technopôle Angus. 

The objective? Create jobs and build an unparalleled quality of life seamlessly integrated into an existing neighbourhood. The vision? Develop and revitalize the area to create positive spinoffs for the entire community.

Positive outcomes: Providing essential local services and thousands of new jobs 

Thanks to SDA’s vision, more than 2,300 new jobs have been created and a full range of services is now available locally. SDA was instrumental in founding Maison André-Gratton pediatric care centre, opening two publicly funded daycares (CPEs), and attracting CLSC de Rosemont, as well as a gym, a spa, and a family medical clinic.

2015 saw the opening of Place Léopold Beaulieu, the Technopôle’s first public square. The three businesses lining the square have quickly become community favourites bustling with customers morning, noon, and night.

50% of land still undeveloped: Building a neighbourhood for the future

Today, with over 50% of land still undeveloped, SDA is planning a mixed-use development that would make Angus a model of urban planning excellence well-used and loved by current and future residents, workers, and businesses.

The development will bring together workplaces, independent businesses, and family-friendly condominiums, all designed to the most stringent sustainable development standards, including 20% of land earmarked as greenspace. The site will be traversed by tree-lined walking paths, and feature 3 new public squares and urban woodlands – all totally accessible via greenways and walking paths.

To make this plan a reality, site density must be increased to support the essential services families need. SDA has begun working with Commission scolaire de Montréal to plan for a primary school on the site, and is developing two new daycare (CPE) projects.

Sun exposure, traffic, parking: Planning every detail

At Technopôle Angus, everything is calculated to create a neighbourhood where it just feels great to live and work. And traffic impact studies have shown that the area has the capacity to integrate new development without overloading major thoroughfares.

Phase 2 plans include 540 underground parking spots, while all residents and users are encouraged to use active and mass transit. SDA is working with STM to extend the 25 Angus bus route to Préfontaine Metro station.

Views of Mount Royal will be protected, and sun exposure studies have been completed to ensure the continued comfort of residents and site users.

A visionary project: Creating value for all stakeholders

The site continues to attract organizations and businesses with strong personalities and shared values of sustainable development and community outreach. One great example is Téo Taxi, which will move into its new headquarters at the Technopôle shortly.

Technopôle Angus is a flagship, award-winning Montreal development recognized the world over for its exemplary vision of sustainable neighbourhood development. Phase 2 will further enhance the reputation of Rosemont-La Petite Patrie, providing a quality of life that stands as an example to people near and far.

Project Highlights:

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22 September 2016 Conferences

SDA presents Technopôle Angus to the UN

On September 20, Société de développement Angus (SDA) was invited, in association with the 71st United Nations General Assembly, to present its Technopôle Angus development to the International Leading Group of the Social and Solidarity Economy…